Esia Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd.

Esia Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd.

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Name: Daniel
Tel: +86-15558610201
Add: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China


Esia Sewing Machine Co.,ltd aims to develop a long term partnerships that will last for years in the future. 

We understand that our machines need to enhance your production and business, so we are always trying to improve machine technology and quality. Carefully designed and developed product performance and their looks, have earned Esia Machinery its position in the global market.

We offer the following service:
    ◆     Instruction and training

    ◆     Quick response

    ◆     Machine Installation
    ◆     Spare parts service
    ◆     Repair and maintenance service
    ◆     Modernisation and upgrading

Esia Machinery will always be there to assist your ongoing requirements. You are welcome to
 contact us or leave a feedback.